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New CSTime is a complete package for you need. It is comparable with most browsers and desktop version will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. It is also available as a native app for iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phone.


The New CSTime is compatible with PHR. The card swipe system has a similar appointment-centric structure. In addition, CSTime gives you additional tools (PHR+) such as event codes which allow a department to classify time based on an event or even a Kuali Financial System account number.


All data from PHR and Time Clock Terminal is available to view and use them in your report. CSTime is also designed to provide daily report on Missing punches and Time Clock status.

  • Cloud Computing

    CSTime Cloud computing is fast and keeps data intergrity.

  • Dashboard

    You can control and manage through CSTime dashboard.

  • Download

    Downloads CSTime for your desktop and/or your mobile devices.

  • Security

    All data is saved securely and does not store in your devices.

Feature Screenshots

see new cstime features...

An overview of the Welcome page, which displays information about the totals of punches received in your workgroups.

An overview of the Time and Attendance system, dispaying workgroups that contain employees and their timesheet information.

A sample timesheet for an employee, which displays their individual punches. Above are the administrative options for modifying these time slices.

Separating error punches to fix them quickly and easily.

The interface to update employee information, as well as assign a schedule to the employee.

An overview of the Reports system, displaying workgroups that can be selected to display reports.

A report displaying the hours worked and wages earned by an employee.


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